There are things that were once just crazy dreams, dreams only come true when there are people who believe it is possible. So is the architecture…

Showroom Address: 483A Nguyễn Thị Thập, P. Tân Phong, Quận 7, TP. HCM

Factory Address: 421 Ấp An Hòa, Xã An Sơn, Thị xã Thuận An, Tỉnh Bình Dương

Hotline: 0396.37.3979



Starting from a wood workshop with skilled carpenters, Xoai gradually developed, becoming a company with the first results. During that process, we understand that the results of Xoai are not the result of an individual but the efforts of the entire staff. Among people with the same common goal, the Xoai culture was gradually formed.


At Xoai, we value honesty. Honesty is not only in work but also in being honest with yourself, and honest in all aspects of life. Honesty creates real values, real satisfaction, and a real vision.


Based on honesty, belief in Xoai is even more certain. It is the trust that we give to our colleagues, to our associates, to go together to receive trust from customers.


Fears hold us back, and a brave heart makes us not regret the things we didn’t dare to do. We encourage brave hearts to dare to try new things, together with businesses to rise to the top.


When we don’t learn, we go backward. Therefore, at Xoai, learning is encouraged by learning from leaders, colleagues, and one’s own mistakes.


Communication is the key to solving most problems. At Xoai, we encourage sharing to understand each other, strengthen emotional bonds and solve problems most effectively.


Xoai’s leadership team understands that quality of life is just as important as the quality of work. Therefore, Xoai creates conditions for each employee to find joy in work and life.

To take care of employees’ lives, Xoai has organized annual activities including:


A healthy body is the home of a healthy mind. To improve the health of employees, and for an energetic spirit, Xoai also organizes sports activities. The hours of badminton practice to prepare for the internal badminton competition not only help relieve stress but also bring employees closer together.


Xoai also appreciates the traditional values ​​and the New Year holidays and anniversaries. On major holidays, employees will all receive gifts.


Talking about Xoai culture, it is impossible not to mention the care for employees’ lives. Every employee at Xoai is valued and cared for so that all feel that Xoai is a warm home. Cakes and small gifts help each member at Xoai have more joy on an important day.


This is a very popular part of Xoai, where members of the company share their thoughts about each other, say thank you, and give encouragement. These are also the most cheesy moments at Xoai every week.


This is not simply a celebration, this is an opportunity for the staff to sit together, review the joys and sorrows they have experienced, and look to the upcoming future.


Not only knowing about the company’s products and services, Xoai wants each employee to have background knowledge about the industry. When each employee best understands the solution that Xoai brings to customers, it is also the time when that employee can develop himself firmly for higher positions in the future.

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