There are things that were once just crazy dreams, dreams only come true when there are people who believe it is possible. So is the architecture…

Showroom Address: 483A Nguyễn Thị Thập, P. Tân Phong, Quận 7, TP. HCM

Factory Address: 421 Ấp An Hòa, Xã An Sơn, Thị xã Thuận An, Tỉnh Bình Dương

Hotline: 0396.37.3979


Story of Xoài

Everything has a beginning

The beginning of Xoài is a concern that everyone will have to think about at some point in their life. How to build a house that when you step in, you feel like it was built for your own family?

The founder of Xoài was also hindered by the same question. Thanks to that, the seed of Xoài was sown from there. Gradually, just from the desire for a house, adding many dreams and ambitions, it has multiplied into hundreds of other houses. Not just for ourselves, but for the friends we then call clients.

The person who can understand whether a house was built for them is none other than the people who will live with it for the next decades of life. That’s why from the very first days of establishment, the core motto of Xoài is to cherish every client’s experience. The home that maximizes their experience is the perfect home.

So why did Xoài start from wood? Very simple: Every house has wood! Wood is a durable, familiar, and diverse material. Wood has a unique beauty that no other material can replace. This is the fertile and solid ground for the original idea, and the glue that binds like-minded people to Xoài.

Efforts to germination

Going back in time 5 years ago, at No. 421, An Hoa hamlet, An Son commune, Thuan An town, Binh Duong province. The sapling of the other seed slowly stretched out. At first, it was just a wooden workshop with people who had a desire to bring to customers the finished interior design and construction products. Although the scale is not too large, all the finished products of Mango Furniture Wood Production Service Trading Company are created by experienced and passionate carpenters.

Time gave the truest answer for Xoài’s tireless, enthusiastic and hard-working efforts. The customers who trust and choose us are getting bigger and bigger, not only in the Binh Duong area but also expanding to Ho Chi Minh City – where there are countless other options for them. For us Xoài, this is a great honor, as well as a new and heavier motivation for us to discover more and more to move forward every day.

However, change is always a challenge that is not easy for any business, and Xoài is no exception. The more clients come to us, the more diverse and unique they expect from us. The most important thing is that all have gradually ceased to be within the confines of wooden furniture. That’s when we realized: We must do something new! Must improve furthermore, to be able to give our clients a complete service and experience. So when coming to Xoài, they only need to sign a paper, we will take the rest! The space they dream of will simply become a reality!

With enough reason, Xoài Interior & Build takes shape!

Going back to the present, we now have a representative office along with the most luxurious showroom – a place to display modern and high-class interior designs to maximize our client’s experience, located on the busiest commercial street in District 7, Nguyen Thi Thap. Inheriting the quintessence and experience of Xoài, Xoài Interior & Build equips itself with a team of professional staff, an in-house production workshop, and an experienced construction team. We are confident to be a dedicated and reliable companion on the journey of enriching the life experience of our clients.


The living space that our clients dream of can be everything: A cozy place to gather with our loved ones, where we can unleash our creativity, or simply come back every day and recline down to rest. The human imagination is constantly evolving, so the living space in the human mind can go even further. A forest with wild animals? Or a deserted island? What could be more wonderful when a human’s brain can realize a space of its own imagination?

No matter how far away, when you come to Xoài Interior & Build, keep dreaming! Because Xoài Interior & Build’s mission is to help clients realize those dreams!


So why choose us?

Xoài (mango), a tropical wild fruit – is native to South and Southeast Asian countries. The reason we use the name Xoài and keep its pure Vietnamese character is to emphasize that we are a brand from Vietnam.

Xoài Interior & Build is a brand name that embraces the value that we want to bring to everyone since it was just a small seed planted on empty land. Together, we care and develop, creating a persistent and strong team. Xoài Interior & Build was formed from our dream, our aspiration to create a better living space, and bring a comfortable, safe and complete life to everyone, every home.

You give your trust – We create a masterpiece!

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